Top 10 Links of the Week: 2/5/10 – 2/11/10

First off, thanks to everyone commenting on Wednesday’s post. I’ve rarely read such a thoughtful, well-reasoned discussion on the internet, and it’s wonderful beyond words. (Er, except these words.).

Second, on to the links!

1) Jezebel: “Let’s Move” - Michelle Obama’s Anti-Obesity Program Looks Promising
Post of the week, man. This breakdown of MObama’s obesity initiative covers much of the same territory Marion Nestle does (see #2), but with the added bonus of hundreds of excellent comments discussing all sides of the issue. Even better, Jez goes on to post an excerpt from a National Review piece by Julie Gunlock, who has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about. It’s opposition for opposition’s sake, and it’s heinous.

2) Food Politics:
The Surgeon General’s Vision for a Healthy and Fit Nation
Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity: Applause!
What Mrs. Obama’s Campaign Does Not Do: Food Marketing to Kids
Everything you ever wanted to know about this week's newly unveiled anti-obesity program, but were afraid to ask/attempt to navigate government websites.

3) The Atlantic: How to Wield a Knife
Gory and fascinating look at knife safety in a butcher shop. The tips will help you remain injury-free. The scar stories will fascinate and repulse you. (The guy buried a cimeter knife in his arm! GAH.)

4) Oregon Live: Thin Budget, Smart Choices
Maybe the best article about healthy budget grocery shopping I’ve ever read, and an excellent companion piece to Wednesday’s CHG article. Expert Ellen Damaschino buys a full week of food for a family of four on a food stamp budget. (P.S. We get a mention at the bottom! Woo!)

5) AVClub: Taste Test - MREs
The sensitive palates at The Onion tried six different MREs, the military-issued ready-to-eat meals legendarily loathed by the fine members of our armed forces. Hilarity ensues, with reactions ranging from, “The cheese spread is almost exactly like a chunk of Velveeta that’s been left out too long and is starting to sweat” to lots (and lots) of disgusted cursing.

6) Chow: Know Your Legumes
A virtual encyclopedia of beans, lentils, and split peas for those looking to expand their legumic consciousness. Trippy, man.

7) BoingBoing: Highlights from TED 2010 - “We Can Eat to Starve Cancer”
So, check this: cancer needs angiogenesis (the growth of blood vessels) to grow and spread. The produce-heavy foods listed herein slow the process, and consequently, could help slow cancer. I don’t know how thoroughly researched this is, but if it’s appearing at TED, there has to be some legitimacy there. Plus, it kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?

8) The Kitchn: How to Select the Best Produce – Fruit and Vegetables
Print out this convenient pair of rundowns, stick ‘em in your wallet, and *poof*, you’ll never buy an unripe cantaloupe again! (Also: I just forgot how to spell “cantaloupe.” I think I’m getting dumber.)

9) New York Times: One Bowl = 2 Servings. FDA May Fix That
The feds could ask manufacturers to provide more accurate, prominent calorie/portion labeling on food packaging. Because who eats half a can of soup?

10) Money Saving Mom: How Buying Less Can Set You Free
Let this zen post be your frugalist mantra from now on. All will be well. Ohm.


BlogHer: 44 Chili Recipes for Super Bowl XXLIV
Awesome! Just in time for the big game! (*Husband-Elect whispers in ear*) Uh … awesome! Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget a breath mint.

Cooking Light: Food Court Survival Guide
Quick slideshow highlighting the healthiest choices at eight major fast food chains.

EcoSalon: Want to Lose Weight? Eat a Really Big Breakfast.
Kicking your morning off with a large meal will help keep you sated throughout the day. Another pancake, please. (Thanks to Casual Kitchen for the link.)

MSN Smart Spending: Organic Economics – The Budget Version
Nice beginners guide to buying organic food with limited finances.

Mom Advice: The Best Steakhouse Dining Experience on a Poor House Budget
Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Neatorama: Lose Weight Without Exercise While Eating All You Want – For Real! Yay, Science!
All you have to do is move to a much higher altitude. This must be why Coloradoans are so thin and sporty and stuff.


Fat Nutritionist
Smart, informed, non-judgmental, body positive, occasionally profane, Canadian. What more could you want?

(Photos from and Wikimedia.)

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