Top 10 Links of the Week: 5/14/10 – 5/20/10

The links today are like David Bowie, my friends. They start out groundbreaking and a little offbeat, get better as you go along, begin experimenting with androgyny and heroin, eventually marry Iman, and then remain hot well into their '60s. (Um ... lost the metaphor in there somewhere.)

1) Get Rich Slowly: What You Can Learn From Baby Boomer Blunders
It’s pretty rare that we highlight a post that’s not really about food, but I think this one’s important. I’m at the tail end of Generation X, and my parents are Boomers. Sometimes, it’s difficult to convey to their peers how personal finance has changed for my age group over the last ten years. Pensions, guaranteed health insurance, and fail-safe home equity are largely things of the past. This post takes a nice step towards explaining the shift, the consequences, and how they affect everybody.

2) Woman’s Day: 15 Most Bizarre Diets in History
Remember the good ol’ days, when Lucky Strikes, tapeworm, and not living near a swamp were promoted as legitimate methods of weight control? I don’t. But mark my words, that damn cookie diet will be on this list in a few years. (Photo from Wikipedia.)

3) Get Rich Slowly: Busting the Myths - Why Coupons Are a Valuable Part of Your Financial Arsenal
In this smart guest post, Deal-Seeking Mom Tara Kuczykowski tears down your long-held mental barriers to couponing. Favorites include: Buying generic is always cheaper (FALSE), you save more at warehouse stores (FALSEY FALSE FALSE), and you can’t be brand loyal and save money (FALS … hmm … okay, FALSE).

4) Mark Bittman: Want Sustainable Sushi? Follow the 4-S Rule.
It ain’t cheap, but sushi is healthy, good, and a much-loved occasional treat in our household. (Mmm … mackerel.) These quartet of terrific tips will help you choose raw fish that’s a tad more environmentally friendly.

5) New York Times: A TV Cook’s Next Serving? Cuomo Family Style
On one hand, Sandra Lee is a self-made, smart, hard-working woman, who as New York’s first lady, would undoubtedly make a good fundraiser for my financially-strapped home state. On the other hand, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

6) Casual Kitchen: How to Get the Benefits of Organic Foods Without Paying Through the Nose
Really liked this whole post, but #2 intrigues me the most: “Don't assume that food lacking an organic label is grown unethically or unhealthily.” While we should still be pretty careful about washing and such, if you’re buying from local sources or favorite farmstands, you might not have to worry about as many (or any) harmful pesticides.

7) Dude, Where’s the Stove: Finding Low-Cost Recipes
Lookin’ for blogs with inexpensive recipes? (HERE. WE HAVE THEM HERE.) Dude’s compiled a sweet little roundup that should sate your cheap eats needs. (Thanks to Casual Kitchen for the link.)

8) The Atlantic: Today's Food Companies - The Quick and the Dead
Have you heard the news? Major players within the food industry have pledged to cut 1.5 trillion calories from production over the next five years. While this is a nice gesture, argues author Hank Cardello, it’s a drop in the bucket. 69 trillion is a better target. (Photo from Logical Science.)

9) HuffPo: Meatless Monday - The Meat People Hit Back
The beef and pork industry is hitting back against Meatless Mondays. Fuh real. Who knew that avoiding meat one day a week could be considered transgressive? (Er … haven’t these people heard of Lent?)

10) BlogHer: Weekend Menu Planning - Grilled Pizza for National Barbecue Month!
Nice link comp/tutorial for grilling pizza. The season is here, folks. Get outcher flatbreads.


Food Politics: What is a Small Farm? Can it Survive?
Did you know: “Although most (91%) of U.S. farms are small, farms earning $250,000 and above account for 85 percent of the market value of agricultural production.” I did not.

The Kitchn: Sofa to Bedroom - Tips for Photographing Food at Night
Fellow food bloggers who primarily cook in the evening! Heed this, and never be tripped up by yellow light again!

LA Weekly: Top 10 Fictional TV Food and Drink
From Colon Blow to Scooby Snacks, it’s (almost) all here. (Alas, there’s no Vitameatavegamin.) The #1 pick might surprise you.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Grilled Chicken Pineapple Quesadillas
I want this in my mouthhole right now.

Real Simple
18 Easy Convenience-Food Upgrades
Guide to Buying Frozen Food
Link #1: Ingenious ways to jazz up frozen pizzas and the like.
Link #2: How to choose the best quality cold goods for your cold, hard cash.

stonesoup: 7 tips for full-flavoured vegetable stock
You’ll never have weak broth again. MARK MY WORDS!

UK Telegraph: Dieters 'underestimate how many calories they are eating'
I don’t know if it’s news that most diets fail because we’re not often sure how to approach them, but it’s interesting to see the figures to back it up.


My Food Looks Funny
Hee. Arty food.

Tales of Mere Existence: Typical Conversations With My Mom
Hee. Talks with Mom about food.

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