Ask the Internet: Top 5 Vegetables?

Sweet readers, this one was born of a backyard barbecue conversation. It got unexpectedly (and excitedly) in-depth, and it could help to determine future content of the blog (especially recipes).

Q: What are your top five favorite vegetables, and why?

A: Seems like an easy question, right? But my list took awhile. Eventually I came up with:
  1. Sweet potatoes. The candy of the earth.
  2. Red bell peppers. So versatile, so delicious.
  3. Tomatoes. In any form, any time.
  4. Swiss Chard/Kale. Who knew leafy greens could be so tasty?
  5. Onions. Is there food that exists without them?
Eggplant would have been #6. I don't care for radishes (which is why you almost never see them here), and cauliflower has to be pretty heavily doctored for me to dig in.

And with that, I throw it to you. I wonder what will win? We can even post the results on Friday.

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