Comment Policy

Sweet readers!

We've received many wonderful comments lately, from insightful and generous viewers of this here blog. We love getting them, and engaging in the discussions they inspire. Honestly, the community aspect of blogging is probs the best part.

However, we've also received quite a few comments that read like this:

Great post! I agree. -Aromatherapy Gladys

In these cases, the name link connects directly to one of two things:
  1. A corporation or an amateurish personal site meant to sell a variety of crap: diet aids, acai berries, dining room tables, etc. 
  2. A fraudulent cooking site created entirely so SEO-heavy "recipes" can attract eyes to Google ads.
It's spam, and I never, ever post these comments. But A) I wanted to give other bloggers the heads up (heads up!), and B) I'd like to stop receiving them. The filters miss a lot, and checking the links takes up far too much of my valuable 30 Rock-watching time.

So, folks that send germane comments packed with relevant information: Thank you and keep sending!

And to the folks that comment solely for traffic: Please stop. I don't want your dining room table, and your SEO sites are hurting bloggers who publish actual content, and who depend on this for a living. For real.


P.S. Google, please get on this.

P.S.S. The first comment I received after posting this: