Top Ten Links of the Week: 2/11/11 - 2/17/11

Lots of good little stories today, along with a chicken saga of near-epic proportions. It will beak you out.

1) Politics of the Plate: Co-opting an Unsustainable Food System - Student-Run Collectives Replace Junk Food Franchises on College Campuses
With a headline like that, this had to be about UC Berkeley. Fortunately, those crazy hippie kids have the smarts and drive to back up their freewheeling ideas, like a healthy food co-op to replace a planned fast food chain. Hooray for the future! It's looking bright, and somewhat jam bandy.

2) New York Times: Chicken Vanishes, Heartbreak Ensues
A diverse Brooklyn neighborhood comes together for a stolen chicken. It's like Steel Magnolias, minus the accents, characters, armadillo cake, and diabetic shock, but with a chicken.

3) Donna Freedman: I Have “Frugal Fatigue” Fatigue
Sing it, sister. To paraphrase Livia Soprano, “Oh, poor us.” (Um. I don’t know if it’s possible to convey Nancy Marchand’s vocal inflections in three words of text, but trust me: She said that really, really sarcastically.)

4) The Simple Dollar: Does Cutting Meat, Eggs, or Dairy from Your Diet Save Money?
Yes, but it also costs you time. Are you willing to sacrifice one for the other? Trent explores the Triangle of Compromise.

5) Money Saving Mom: Free Downloadable Recipe Cost Calculator Spreadsheet
Man, this could be really, really handy. Check it out, and if you’re having problems with the Excel Doc, check the comments for troubleshooting tips.

6) Wall Street Journal: Fiber-Rich Diet Linked to Longevity
It begins with this: “People who consumed higher amounts of fiber, particularly from grains, had a significantly lower risk of dying over a nine-year period compared to those who consumed lower amounts of fiber,” and just gets better. Best pack the quinoa.

7) Obama Foodorama: One Study Finds that Posted Calories Don’t Keep Kids From Choosing Junky Fast Food
Call me crazy, but could it be because they’re children? Who have almost no conception what a calorie, gram of fat, or milligram of protein could possibly mean in the grand scheme of their diets? Great. Now I feel like Andy Rooney.

8) More: The 5 Nutrients You’re Not Getting.
A breakdown of potassium, fiber, calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, plus where to find ‘em

9) Frugal Dad: A Grocery Shopping Hiatus – How Long Can You Eat from the Pantry?
Guest poster Laurel Gray wants to see how many days she can go without hitting the supermarket. She’ll write back with updates. I’m guessing 22, before the lack of dairy and fresh produce force her into a Kroger. Anyone taking bets?

10) 344 Pounds: Ten Small Benefits of Losing 100 Pounds
You knew that clothes would fit better, and walking up stairs wouldn’t be as difficult, but how about less sweating, better posture, and the ability to sit in restaurant booths? Quick and interesting.


Lifehacker: The Best Foods and Strategies for Eating at Your Computer
Not that I do this. Hey! Look over there! It’s zombie Cary Grant! (*runs away*) (*sits at computer*) (*eats*)

New York Times: For Actresses, is Appetite a Big Part of the Show?
You know how the skinniest of Hollywood ladies always have to front, like they're constantly scarfing mile-high stacks of pancakes for breakfast? Why is that?

The Simple Dollar: Inspiring Others to Financial Responsibility Without Being Preachy
There’s a fine line between clever and annoying.


Urban Edge: Honest Real Estate Broker?
This is a shockingly accurate portrait of apartment hunting in New York City.

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