Ask the Internet: Do You Use a Slow Cooker?

Readers, you have installed Greek yogurt as Queen and Supreme Ruler of Mayofreeland and avocado as Prime Minister. Soft, spreadable cheeses and sour cream are their trusted advisers. Enemies of mayo rejoice!

For this week’s question I took a look deep inside (my kitchen):

Q: My mother gave me a slow cooker many years ago, at my request. I use it to make beans, collards, and oatmeal. Up to now, I’ve been fairly content with my alternating shining success/burning failure within this repertoire, but I’d like to expand. (And avoid setting off the smoke detector when I’m not home.)

Do you have any good vegetarian slow cooker recipes or resources? How about general slow cooker tips for expediting mealtime?

A: CHG readers, it’s all you today! The comments await your sage advice. Thank you!

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