Ask the Internet: What Can I Use to Replace Mayo?

Darling Readers, last week you sure came through with emergency lunch ideas. The most popular responses were Hummus & Veggies and Leftovers. Check out the comments for more fabulous reader suggestions for quick, on-the-go meals. This week's question comes from reader Leigh-Ann. She, like our beloved Kris, is a soldier in the No Mayo Army and needs our help. (She also has a rockin' name.)

Question: What can I use instead in recipes that call for mayo? I know that in most dips you can't taste the mayo, and it's just used for the consistency. However, I would prefer to never use it in any capacity and a helpful substitute would be great!

Answer: From one Leigh to another, I must be honest; I enjoy mayo. HOWEVER, I eat it sparingly, only when it's absolutely required, and only when it's really good. The rest of the time, I make a vegan version from tofu, vegetable oil, mustard, salt and pepper. It's a super replacement for the real mayonnaise so many of you find repulsive. You might also try sour cream or heavy cream depending on the recipe. My dad uses heavy cream in his BBQ slaw.

Readers, mayo-haters and -lovers alike, what suggestions do you have for the lovely named Leigh-Ann? Do you have any experience substituting the offending egg whip? If anyone can make her mayo-free dreams come true, you can!

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