Ask the Internet: How Do You Organize Your Recipes?

Sweet Angela, Bea, and Rosalind, readers! Ask and ye shall receive. Last week, I threw myself at your feet and you lifted me up with more slow cooker tips and recipes than I can use in this lifetime. I am heartily grateful.

This week’s multi-part question is born out two-parts need for decluttering solutions and one-part sheer curiosity:

Q: Readers, I gotta know, 1) how do you keep track of your recipes and 2) what’s your favorite method for reading a recipe while cooking? Dog-earred cookbooks? An index card file? Are you going digital? 3)What are your favorite recipe organization tools/applications?

A: My 1-ft by 1-ft countertop makes using cookbooks cramped and messy. Recently, I used Charming Boyfriend’s smartphone to pull up a recipe while at the farmer’s market and then in the kitchen while preparing the dish. (See last week’s Top-Crust Peach and Cardamom Pie on Serious Eats.) More and more, I find myself replacing my tried-and-true (and recklessly scattered) index cards, which I magnetize to the fridge, with my laptop, which I set it on top of the fridge and use as a recipeasel (though I fear one day it may meet a fiery end).

What about you, beloved readers? Do you still prop up the cookbook on the counter with a canister of flour and a wooden spoon or is the iPad-integrated kitchen on your wishlist? The comments are ready to accept your wisdom.

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